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Well as promised, I am back with more fabulous tips. This post is dedicated to fashion. Oh how I like a great fashion find and of course a bargain. I have a rule, which is never buy anything full price. Absolute rule. So, I am always shopping at discount stores (TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Ross, Loehmann’s or outlets) or end of season sales at my favorite shops. And of course Target. However, my true true passion is searching thrift shops, consignments sales, and estate sales. Oooh how I love the hunt. I always find an awesome item when I go “thriffin” (as we say in Decatur). A few of the great items I have purchased thrifting are silk blouses, high end business suits, a beautiful wool pleated skirt, and an authentic safari style dress all ranging between $3 and $10. UNBELIEVABLE!! Sometimes, I just want to pinch myself. Ladies here are a few tips on how to find great items at thrift and consignment shops plus the name of my favorite thrifts! Enjoy!

1. Come Prepared. Mentally prepare yourself to spend hours looking through each and every piece of clothing for a particular item of clothing you are looking for. For example, if I am looking for a great vintage dress to pair with a great pair of shoes, I venture to the dress section and look through each and every dress that is available. Thus, one must have patience and preserverance when performing this task.

2. Don’t let sizes discourage you. Unless an item of clothing is clearly too small, don’t dismiss an item because it is not in your exact size. I have found that in older or vintage clothing the sizes are bigger than they are in today’s clothing. In addition, if a particular item is too big, remember you can always go to a tailor. The expense of a tailor is a good investment if you are purchasing an item for $5.

3. Don’t always look for high end labels. Of course finding an item by a high end designer on consignment or better yet at a thrift shop is a natural high. However, be open to lesser known designers. I have found some awesome items by lesser known designers that are great quality and very stylish.

4. My favorite thrift shops in Atlanta are the Value Village chain of thrift stores. Some stores in this chain are better than others, but I always find great items at the Value Village in East Atlanta on Moreland Avenue. It is like a hidden treasure. Also, please please check out Upscale Fashions, Inc. in Stockbridge, GA. Upscale Fashions is a consignment shop that features very high end designers. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit this store. They have Chanel suits, Hermes scarves, vintage designer gowns, and vintage high end bags (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.) I saw a very cute vintage rectangle shaped Louis Vuitton purse for $75.00! Wow! I know it is a bit of a trek but it is worth it!

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