Tongue Tied Bag at Lulu’s

Tongue Tied Bag at Lulu’s
I have to admit, I am scared of motherhood. Before we get any further, let me say,  I am not pregnant (that’s how rumors get started).  But I am slightly concerned with some superficialities such as what type of bag I will have to carry (among other things.) I am always trying to find ways to get out of or prevent style ruts and from what I hear motherhood can create its own set of issues. I am proactive about warding off any potential style rut looming in my horizon. I  plan on being one hot Mama!
In search of a  cross body bag to take with me on my trip to Paris, I ran across this bag, which looks like the perfect Mommy bag. It is big, discreet and trendy.  The Tongue Tied has cute gold hardware accents. The best thing about this bag is that it is only 41 bucks!  It’s faux leather, but so what, Vegan is where it’s at these days. The bottom sides are even reinforced. These manufacturers know that some of you might as well be packing bricks in your bags, they’re so heavy.
Unfortunately, this one does not come with its own changing flap (or whatever you call it), but it’s big enough that you could probably roll one up in there. The purse has two side pockets with magnetic enclosures. Magnets are the best. You don’t have to worry about losing anything or fussing with zippers, you just snap and close.  The inside also includes two open pockets and a zippered compartment. The Tongue Tied measures 15″ wide by 12″ tall with a 17″ long handle. Tell me you can’t just hear the pitter patter of little feet when you look at it. The Tongue Tied can be purchased from Lulu’s for $41.00.

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