Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

Hello Divas!

Today I was thinking about little tricks I use to enhance my make-up and ultimately my look. My good friend Renee C. and Jackie H. are always admiring my make-up and this post is dedicated to them. Here are my top tricks of the trade:

1. A good eyelash curler. A must have for knock out lashes. Most mascaras are the same, except for a select few. (Conversation for another post). The trick to achieve long voluminous lashes is not necessarily in the brand of mascara you use, but in your lash accessories. Invest in a good eyelash curler. An eyelash curler gives your lashes a nice curl that usually lasts all day long. Eyelash curlers are particularly helpful if you have straight lashes that do not naturally curl up. The grand dame of all eyelash curlers is the Shu uemura curler. This curler’s claim to fame is that it accomodates all eye shapes. It retails for $18.00. Sephora also sells pretty good eyelash curlers with a price range of $5.00-$16.00.

2. An eyelash comb. To achieve perfectly separated lashes, you must use a good eyelash comb. I recommend Rubiglo eyelash comb. This flat brown eyelash comb is safe to use on the eyes because it is flat and made of plastic. I definitely do not recommend sharp metal eyelash combs. We don’t want to poke our eyes out. In addition, the Rubiglo eyelash comb comes with a protective covering which keeps the comb fairly clean. The best thing about this eyelash comb is that it retails for only $2.75. You can buy it at most major drugstores or online at You basically apply one coat of mascara and let the mascara dry. Then use the eyelash comb to separate eyelashes. Next apply another coat of mascara and let the mascara dry. Use the eyelash comb once more to ensure perfectly separated lashes. Apply one last coat of mascara. The effect is stunning.

3. Face Bronzer or Highlighter. To achieve glowing dewey looking skin all year round, (extremely important in the winter) check out Wet n’ Wild’s MegaGlo Face Illuminator. I learned about this amazing product from another blogger, Julia Coney. For the very low price of $2.99, you can achieve glowing skin like Hollywood Celebs. This bronzer is cream based and comes in five different shades. I use the shade Toasty which is picutured here. I simply use my fingers and blend the bronzer on my cheekbones usually above my blush (the apples of my cheek) on my brow bone and on my jaw line and chin. The highlights wake up your face and people will notice the glow.

4. Nars Blush in Exhibit A. I heard about this product and I did not believe it would work for me. I mean it does look like an orange red crayon. But I am telling you that this shade rocks on african-american skin. Trust. The orange color gives brown skin a naturally flushed glow, which is what blush is supposed to do. This is not blush from the 80’s. I kept hearing wonderful things about Nars Blush in Orgasm and tried it. It did not work for me. As a fluke I tried the Exhibit A and it was right on the money. Just try it. It works on the lightest tones to the absolute darkest tones. The Best Kept Secret Around. When I where this blush everyone says “Wow” Your make-up looks so good.

So there it is folks. My tricks of the trade. Email me if you have any tricks you use that you would like to share.


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  1. Fabulous tips … I will definitely try the bronzer.

    What about the eyebrow? Ladies invest in an angle eyebrow brush (average price $7-$10) plus eyebrow shading powders (average price $9-$10) of chocolate, brown/black or chestnut for a defining look.

    Enjoy ! Cindy in LA

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