ULTA Beauty: My New Obession

ULTA Beauty: My New Obession

Hello Divas!

I hope everyone is well this Monday! I love that the weather is cool enough in the morning to wear a fly jacket or cardigan…but I don’t like that by 3pm it is 80 degrees. Fall or Summer please. LOL! Divas, I am in love with ULTA Beauty. I admit I am a little late to the ULTA party, but I am a Sephora Junkie! I love Sephora so much and of course CVS, I just did not see the need to visit any other beauty emporium. Well I was wrong! I ventured to ULTA because they had the OPI La Collection de France nail polish that I had to have. Plus In Style Magazine always has an ULTA $5.00 off a purchase of $10 or more coupon in each issue. So, I was like now is the time to check it out!

ULTA is a true beauty haven. Why? ULTA carries over 21,000 beauty products ranging from drugstore brands like Revlon and Loreal to upscale brands such as Lancome and YSL. Ulta’s beauty products include makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, bath and body, tools, accessories, men skincare, candles and home fragrance products. In addition, each ULTA has a full service hair and nail salon. Do you understand why I am obsessed? Oooh and the best part is that ULTA has a clearance section. Yes ladies a clearance section. So you may get a high end lip gloss for a sweeet price! Do you really need anymore incentive to visit ULTA?

Visit Ulta.com to find a location hear you. Also, check out the Ad. Ulta is currently offering an introductory set of Bare Minerals makeup for only $15.00! With my $5.00 off coupon in hand, I am definitely purchasing this set!



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5 Responses to “ULTA Beauty: My New Obession”

  1. I’m a fan of ULTA as well.

  2. Ooh, I so want to try bare minerals and this started kit looks like the perfect way to do so. I am so tired of spending money on mismatched foundation.

  3. Ulta is great! I mean, nothing of course can beat Sephora, but the fact that Ulta has clearance aisles, I just love it! I’ve scooped up several OPI polishes for under $4!

  4. To fabuless beauty: Thanks for stopping buy! I am looking forward to my next ULTA trip.

    To Renee: I hear Bare Minerals is great! I am anxious to try it. Also try Black Opal and my new fav Photogenic by Lancome.

    To B: I know the clearance section has me!

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