Unique Designer Treasures!

Unique Designer Treasures!

Hello Divas!:

I hope your week has been a blast! I went to the most fantastic event Tuesday night that I just must share. A new hot designer invited me to an independent designer trunk show at Vino Libro. Vino Libro is located in the new Glenwood Park community in East Atlanta and is just so fantastic. But I will save my fascination with Vino Libro and the owner Melanie Wilson for another post. Back to the hot new designer. Alicia Garcia, designer and owner of Pekuliar Treasures, designs one of kind pieces that are beautiful, feminine, and comfortable. Alicia takes vintage pieces and deconstructs them or reconstructs them into one of a kind fantastic pieces. Check out this orange blouse modeled here by designer and organizer of the indepedent artist trunk show, Brenda Hall of Bee So Chic. Apparently this blouse was once part of a dress in which Alicia actually designed two unique blouses. I purchased the other top, which is equally awesome as this one, but is its own unique style!

In addition, Alicia designs funky practical tank tops that any woman can wear. Alicia stated that she designs these tank tops with the woman on the go in mind. This woman is a mom, wife, professional, handywoman, etc.!! They are easy to wear, comfortable and most importantly pretty! Check out model Brenda in this black and white tank. Too cute! Plus Alicia said that you can actually remove the lace bow on this shirt and throw it in the washer machine. How clever!

Alicia, pictured here in one of her gorgeous tanks is EVERY WOMAN! Not only is she a designer and a fabulous MOCHA MOM of two, she is also a professional chef and event planner. Whew! You go girl! And the ABSOLUTE best thing about Alicia’s designs are the price. All one of a kind tanks range from $18-$30; blouses are $35 (can you imagine just look at that orange blouse!) and dresses are $60.00. So you can have a one of a kind designer item for a tiny fraction of the cost you would pay in a boutique. Fabulous!

Please check out Alicia’s website at www.pekuliartreasures.com. Lets support our new and upcoming designers!


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