Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

Hello Divas!

Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day! Ladies I know most of you are getting ready for the big day! Today I am going to the hair and nail salon! Whoohoo! In celebration of this all important holiday, here a few must haves every Diva should have on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

1. A sexy seductive hot scent. Personally I love Tom Ford’s Black Orchid or Lancome’s Magnifique. Wear either scent and I promise he will give you kisses all night!

2. False Eyelashes. Valentine’s Day is a special night so go for the dramatic. False eyelashes will give you a sexy look and you can continually bat those babies over a candlelit dinner. My personal favorites are Revlon’s Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes. The flirty lashes in this product line are outstanding! They are so easy to apply and a breeze to remove.

3. Luminous skin. To achieve a beautiful natural glow use Benefit Cosmetics Lust Duster Shimmer Powder in Nugget. You can mix this powder with your facial moisturizer for an all over glow. Also you can mix it with your body moisturizer and apply it to your collar bone and decolletege. In addition, use coconut oil for a full body sheen.

4. Chocolates. Whether you are a Godiva or Hersey’s fan, chocolates are a must! For the past 3 years, I have had chocolate-covered fortune cookies. I purchase Emily’s Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies from…..CVS! The chocolate is so rich and creamy and they come in the cutest Valentine’s Day box. They retail for $5! A MUST MUST HAVE. They are so yummy!

5. Champagne. This is not the day to go for the cheap stuff. My Valentine’s Day tradition includes a bottle of Moet’s Nectar Imperial. It is a better quality than their White Star version and it is so delish! The hints of peach are very strong. Mmmmmm!



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  1. i’m definitely rocking my lashes for vday!

  2. I think I am going to have to use some of these tips when hubby and I celebrate. During the day when my son is at preschool. Better late than never!

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