Victoria’s New Secret

Victoria’s New Secret

This is Dedicated to the One I Love, and the One He Loves…

Hubby is a sports fan in every since of the word. I really think he is in the wrong profession. He makes perfect play calls. The first and last thoughts on his mind are not of me but rather Volquest or ESPN. He bleeds Tennessee orange. I thought he was going to cry when Phil Fulmer retired. He always chastises me when we go to the football games because I don’t wear any “real” paraphernalia. I have plenty of cute sweaters and shirts in Volunteer orange and I have two hats at best, but no tight tees that scream, “Tennessee.”  I was looking on Vicky See’s for a demi bra, and guess what I ran across? You got it, a freaking  University of Tennessee Pull-over Crew Neck. I just can not get away from sports, can I?  The pull-over is cut in the eighties fashion so it hangs slightly off the shoulder a la “Flashdance” and has a cute graphic on the lower sleeve, not to mention kangaroo pockets to store your minis for the games.  I meant to say: in order to put your hands in when it gets cold. You can find the University of Tennessee Pull-over Crew Neck – and other collegiate sports goodies, including panties-  at Victoria’s Secret  for $54.50. Vicky’s apparently has all sorts of secrets.

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