Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hello Hello!!!

Yikes! I just realized a whole month and a half has went by without me writing a Post! I do apologize Divas, but I have been so busy being a mom, wife, and career woman. I was so overwhelmed. Well I am back with more Luxe Tips!

First I want to profess my love affair with Iman Costmetics! Beautiful, beautiful lush colors and textures and the price is just right! Iman’s products are on the same level or better than most department store brands, i.e., Lancome, Estee Lauder, Mac, etc. You can purchase Iman Costmetics from Target and……..drum roll please……..Wal-Mart. I am loving it! As a matter of fact ladies, I used mostly Iman Cosmetics on my girlfriend Deslyn for her wedding. Yes, in addition to being so many other things, and a make-up shopaholic, I love doing my friends’ make-up. So check out the picture here. To get this Divalicious but natural look, use the following products!

Love Ya Divas!

p.s. Next time I do promise not to wait so long between posts!

1. As you see in the picture, Ms. Deslyn has flawless skin. To achieve this look, I used Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation in Hazlenut. I simply used a very good MAC cosmetics foundation brush to apply the foundation. Apply the foundation evenly with the brush and then blot with a tissue, (Kleenex) and Viola! A flawless, shine free complextion. Powder foundations need not apply.

2. Deslyn’s eyes were fierce! I used Cover Girl eyeshadow in Golden Sunrise as a eyeliner on the bottom and upper lid. Next I used Iman’s eyeshadow in GEM
on Deslyn’s entire lid. I also applied Iman eyeshadow in Sahara on Deslyn’s brow bone. Lastly, I applied a small amount of Lancome’s Defencil’s Mascara in Noir. I only had to use a small amount because Deslyn had fabulous faux lashes!

3. I applied MAC’s powder blush in Format on the apples of Deslyn’s cheeks. As you recall in a previous post, I raved about orange blush on women of color. It is so natural. It provides just the right amount of flush. Format is a peachy orange blush that gives just the right amount of flush and all natural glow. Deslyn was radiant!

4. Lips! On Deslyn’s lips I used MAC cosmetics! Who can beat MAC’s glosses and lip pencils? As a lip liner, I used MAC’s cremestick lip liner in Cushy. For the final touch, I applied MAC’s lip glass in Viva Glam V.
This combination allowed Deslyn to have a very natural slighly nude lip with a hint of color. Beautiful.


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