Why I love Lancome and Spinlash Review

Why I love Lancome and Spinlash Review

Hello Divas!

How was your holiday weekend? I hope fabulous! Mine was awesome. I needed that 3 day break! Ladies over the weekend, I went shopping for Mascara. I have previously blogged about my absolute love of Lancome’s Defencils and Maybelline’s XXL. Check it out here. However, I am always open to try new Mascaras. I am obsessed with it! So I go to the Lancome counter and I want to try something different, but I am torn because I love Defencils! The salesperson suggested I try Lancome L’Extreme. She said it would give me extra length, plus seperation and definition. Sounds like a winner to me! Well me no likey. L’Extreme does lenghten your lashes, but it smudges and it did not separate or define at all. My lashes constantly stuck together. Yuck! So this is why, I am going back to Lancome and purchase my tried and true Defencils. Defencils lengthens, seperates, and defines perfectly. In my book it is still the best high end Mascara I have ever purchased! Defencils retails for $24 and you can purchase it at any department store, Sephora, or at Sephora.com.

I also had a chance to try out the Spinlash Mascara, I won last month. This Mascara has a brush that slowly rotates to allow 360 degree coverage of your lashes all at once. Sounds great right? Well ladies I was a little disappointeed in this product. First, the packaging is very cumbersome and it took me a while to figure out how to assemble the Mascara. Second, it has a rubber brush which I am not a fan of. I do not believe they are sturdy enough to properly apply the Mascara to your lashes. Lastly, the Mascara smudges very easily and after I applied the Mascara, I did not see any real difference in my lashes. This product retails for $15.00 and there are less expensive Mascaras that are far better (which I will discuss in a later post) However, it is a good concept.

So I pose the question, what are your absolute fav Mascaras????


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  1. The Spinlash mascara is horrible. I thought I was the only one that thought this. However, the brush works wonderfully. I dip it in my favorite mascara (Prescriptives Lash Envy).

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I do not like it. I am going to try Napoleon Perdis Lamp Black very very soon. I hear it is great!

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