Winner of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care Giveaway!

Hello Divas!

The winner of the Miss Jessie’s Giveaway is…..Sapphire! Sapphire you have 24 hours to contact me via email with your address or I will give the prize to the next runner up! Thank you thank you to everyone who entered. I wish I could give you all a prize! It is always hard to pick a winner. Thank you all for visiting the Miss Jessie’s website and sharing Miss Jessie’s facts and your own personal stories.

There will be more giveaways, so please keep coming back and thank you so much for reading my little blog!


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3 Responses to “Winner of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care Giveaway!”

  1. OMG!! *clutches chest* OMG!!! *looks around and gives respectful nod to the other finalists*
    Um….I can’t believe it. I’d like to thank the Academy, Luxetips for hosting this contest and Tito and Miko of Miss Jessie’s for creating such wonderful products.
    I’d like to thank the other entrants…it was an honor to compete with you.
    And to all my fans….I love you and my cute hair is BAAAACKKKK!!!!
    *curtsy to wild applause*

  2. @Sapphire Hilarious! I love it! Let me know when you receive the products!

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