You Are Just A Number: Albeit Jewelery Numbered Pendant Necklace at Max and Chloe

You Are Just A Number: Albeit Jewelery Numbered Pendant Necklace at Max and Chloe
This week I had an epiphany. I am sure some of you had realized this long before I did, but somehow I missed the memo: you are but a number. Think about it, people in life reduce you to a number. You put your birth date on everything, then you get a social security number which sticks with you for the length of your life. You have a license plate with some combination of what else but numbers and letters.  When you go to the DMV you are issued a  driver’s license with a number and – gasp-  your weight on it. To members of the opposite sex, you may be reduced to a phone number, or God forbid, your weight and height. If you are a CPA or JD, your firm requires a certain number of billable hours that you must meet every year in order to keep your job. Honestly, I am tired of being a number to everyone else. The problem with being reduced to a number is that quality is trumped by quantity. My bounty simply cannot be quantified. 
That said, I do have a favorite number (I know, what a hypocrite.) and perhaps you have made peace with the fact that you may be reduced to a  number or maybe you don’t think of yourself as a number but you have one that represents something significant to you. Max and Chloe offer some pretty funky chains number necklaces. My favorite is the Albeit Jewelery Numbered Pendant Necklace. It comes in 14 karat gold and can be personalized in any number of your choosing from 1-9.  Albeit Jewelry also personalizes the necklaces with symbols. I personally would like a number sign, to signify that I am any number. Think of it as a rebellious Malcolm X kind of thing. You can find the Albeit Jewelry Numbered Pendant Necklace at Max and Chloe for $310.00.
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