Your feet feel so good….against my leg

Your feet feel so good….against my leg

Hello Divas!

Are you ready to celebrate this holiday weekend? I am going to celebrate by relaxing, sleeping, and shopping for new beauty products. Yeah!!!! I do hope your 4th of July is fab! Ladies and Men, I have discovered a product that is a must have. Olay Body Thermal Pedicure. I am so in love with this product. Basically, this lotion is a self-heating exfoliating everyday treatment that relaxes and smooths rough and tired feet in one week! I promise it really does work. Simply wet your feet and then massage the lotion onto your feet. The lotion heats up instantly when it comes in contact with water. The heat relaxes your feet and the Bora Bora white sand, pumice, and micro-crystals in the product gently removes dead skin. After 3 days of use, my feet were smooth as a baby’s bottom. This product is great if you are in between pedicures. And ladies this is a great product for the man in your life. If you are tired of him rubbing his rough feet against your leg every night, get him this product and you both will be happy. lol! This product retails for $9.99. You can purchase it online here or at any CVS, Target, or Wal-Mart.



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  1. Good deal! This is like the third time I’ve heard good things! I’m getting it! 🙂

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