Your Questions: My Mini-Facial Routine

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is wonderful! Because you Divas want to know, today I am going to share my mini-facial routine. However, I am just following the fabulous suggestion of Mischo Beauty. I have incorporated a weekly mini-facial into my skincare routine, and I am very pleased. My skin is definitely firmer, smoother, and my skin tone is more even. Now I am using Lumene skincare, but you can use your choice of skincare products. So here goes:

First I fill my bathroom sink with steaming hot water. I place my face over the sink so my face can soak up the steam.

Next, I cleanse my face with Lumene Matt Touch Balancing cleansing gel. I rinse my face with cold water.

Next, I use Lumene Artic Touch Clarifying Facial Scrub. I use the product for 2-3 minutes. I love this! I rinse my face and then I gently pat it dry.

I then apply Lumene Artic Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask. I let this mask sit on my face for 10 minutes. I rinse this mask off with a warm water and I gently pat my face dry.

I then use Clean and Clear Astringent for sensitive skin. This removes any excess mask from my face.

Lastly, I apply Lumene Time Freeze Instant Lift Serum. This Serum is great! It does make my skin more radiant.

After giving myself this mini-facial, my skin looks and feels awesome!

Ladies if you have a weekly intensive skin care regime, please share!


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3 Responses to “Your Questions: My Mini-Facial Routine”

  1. this is a great regimen! mine is somewhat similar but I don’t take the time to do the steam treatment…I’m gonna add that step this week!

  2. To Alyssia: Hey girl! I have found that he steam treatment works wonders!

  3. Lumene Matt Touch Balancing cleansing gel effectively cleans and removes dead skin cells. You might wanna try using organic eye creams as well, to treat those unwanted signs of aging.

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